Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Skeletal Muscular Study Guide

Topics to Study for the Assessment:
1. What are the structure and functions of the skeletal system?
2. What are the structure and functions of the muscular system?
3. What are the types of muscles and give and example and location of each?
4. What are the types of joints and give and example and location of each?
5. How do the muscular and skeletal system work together to allow your body to move?
6. What are diseases, disorders and injuries found in the skeletal and muscular systems?
7. Describe the difference and give an example of voluntary and involuntary muscles.
8. What is bone composed of?  Be specific of the different components, what they are made of and what their function is.

Click here to link to the study packet for the assessment.

Bill Nye Bones and Muscles Full Video

Here is a link to the study guide key, including the skeletal system page we worked on in class today.

Here is a Quizlet.

Keep Studying!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Composition of Bone and other Review Links

Biodigital 3D Link- Click here to access
Cross section of a bone.

Here are some links to some review items on the skeletal system:
Reading on Bones and joints- Sciencesaurus
Worksheet Labeling the Bones found in your body

Link to the Medtropolis - Skeletal System Online Webquest
Click here to access - Good Review

We are going to cover the major structures and functions of you bones:
  • Periosteum
  • compact (hard) bone
  • cancellous (spongy) bone
  • bone marrow (red and yellow)

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