Friday, February 26, 2016

Creative Project - Travels of a Blood Cell

Travels of a Red Blood Cell

For this assignment you will create a narrative that describes the voyages of a red blood cell through the circulatory system.  You have the choice of the way you that you will complete it.

Possible ideas but not limited to a:
  • comic strip
  • narrative story
  • slide show
  • stop animation
  • claymation
  • “Cat in the Hat” type poem and illustration.
  • Animations - Using Bitstrips...

When completing your "voyage" of a red blood cell you should include:
  • the structures and functions of the circulatory system
  • factors that affect the blood flow
  • interactions between the red blood cell and important other molecules and cells.
  • the correct flow of the two-loop system

Example Narrative:
Born in the bone marrow deep inside your long bone
I am one of TRILLIONS of my family that called this a home.

My body is flexible and my cell is not complete
I am missing a nucleus but I think it is neat.

Inside my body hemoglobin can be found
Allowing for oxygen to stick to me as I come around (the lungs)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Genes and Blood Type

Fun Blood Type Lab with Anti-Serum. - Click on "Blood Typing"  Try it out and determine blood types.

Inheritance of Blood Type Video (a discussion booster)
Blood Type Probability of Children--Use the examples from the table to predict the probability of the children from the parents.  Choose 4.

Blood Type Determined Genetically--Great images of antigens and information on heredity of blood types.
Child Blood Type Calculator  (Just for fun!  Try different combinations, now that you know how a Punnet Square can be used to predict the probability of offspring who would have a specific blood type.)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Blood Typing

Video on Blood Types

Blood Types are determined by one factor:
The antigens found on the red blood cell.  These antigens determine the type and whether it is positive or negative (Rh factor).

Whether you can receive or donate blood safely brings in a third factor of the antibodies found in the plasma.  

If antigens and antibodies of the same type come into contact clotting can occur.

Example Blood Type Card
You will create your own set of Blood Type Cards (8 total)
Side 1 (Front)  - Picture of the red blood cell on it with the correct antigens, antibodies and Rh Factor.
Side 2 (Back) - List what blood types it can receive safely and which it can not.

Resources to Help You Found Below
Reading on Blood and Lymph p. 94-96 Blood Types

Learn Genetics - Blood Types

Blood Types - Get Body Smart

Blood Type- Kids Health

Information on the History of Blood Typing

Link to Blood Type Game
Read the "about" before playing the game.

What makes up your blood? Blood Components

Make a copy and complete.

Helpful Links:

American Red Cross Reading on Blood

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Circulatory System - Blood Links

We are starting to explore blood's structure and function. 

We will also begin work on our Blood Drive projects in preparation for the HMS annual Blood Drive on March 10th

You can start to make a list of 10 people you will ask to donate blood in hopes that one will say "yes".  Think of neighbors, family, friends who live close to Yarmouth.  

Helpful links to understanding the components of blood.

Preview the Blood Drive Project Page

Click here to access

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Study Resources for tomorrow's quiz

Be prepared for this tomorrow's quiz!
You will need to:
  • Identify cell organelles on a diagram
  • Define the structure and function of cell organelles
  • Describe the main differences between plant and animal cells
  • Know the three parts of cell theory
Use these resources to help you prepare:
Review Packet
click here to access
Review Packet KEY - Check your answers!
click here to access
Some more resources 
(please note: we are not listing lysosomes in plant cells this year)
click here to access

Cell Structure and Function Quizlet

Readings from our text: